A host of supporting characters exist around the world. As they are created and introduced they will be detailed here as a reference for players.

The Crew of the Axiom CharterEdit

Pirate Captain

Captain Phineas Brahm

Position: Captain of the Brahm's Star (duh)

Age: early 40s

Weapon of Choice: Cutlass and Blunderbuss

Motto: Flip a Coin, Take a Chance Lads!

Some say he was whelpped off a troll woman, others that the sea and sky spit him out fully grown amid a gale, but the truth is no one knows for sure where he comes from. The command of the Star is his, and he delegates to his Bridge Crew whom seem to be the ones he actually trusts. Loud and Cantankerous, Brahm never smiles and scowls perpetually. In the early mornings, before the watch change, it is common to see Brahm silently walk the deck only to peer off into the distance facing East. When he fights its with a cutlass in one hand and a blunderbuss in the other.

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