Borgio Pascotti

Meeting the Brahm's Star

One day Borgio was in the free port of Lacelle set high above sea cliffs where both sea and airships could make port. The classic spilled drink accident got Borgio in trouble with a very irate pirate. At first he was reluctant to accept the duel, but as the insults piled up enough was enough and Borgio finally snapped. Figuring the worst he could do was to stop running from the death he should have had long ago. The crowd moved outside to the wooden docks extending over the cliffs. Alas, the pirates sword work bested Borgio's and he was knocked off the platform. However, amazingly instead of falling to his death he caught one of the supports and sung himself from beam to beam until he reached a pulley rope and climbed to the arm. From there he dove off and crashed into his opponent sending him falling to his doom. Among the onlookers were several members of the Brahm's Star. Impressed they offered Borgio a berth among the crew.

Pirate Life

Borgio put his experience and talent to the rigging moving dangerously above the deck where the winds blow strong. Over time he improved his fencing, coming to favor a cutlass and long dagger. Taking prizes Borgio likes to throw himself into the melee using a harpoon and line to swing onto the enemy decks or diving overboard and slowing himself on enemy rigging. Perhaps his most valued possession is his quad-iron pistol that was given to him by priest in his final moments before dying from giant mysterious scratches. He is quiet and rather no-nonsense both on ship and ground, but during battle he flies into an almost maniacal frenzy.

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